How to Integrate Seasons into Your Wedding

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Seasonal WeddingsSeasons play a significant role in every wedding. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, everyone wants the weather to be perfect for their special day. People also love to connect the season to their wedding theme, but sometimes it can get a bit tacky. You might want to integrate the season while having a different theme. If subtle season influence is what you want in your wedding, look no further, this is the blog for you.

Charismatic Colors for Any Season

An effortless way to bring the season into your wedding is by pulling colors that connect to the season and putting them into small touches. Are you planning a fall wedding? You could add some red and orange roses to centerpieces or bouquets. Pop in some pastel touches for spring. If you are not sure what colors you should use for your season, you can easily find colors that work for you on Google, Pinterest, or any social media platform by searching for “summer colors” as an example.

There are both subtle and bold colors suitable for each season that you can use depending on your taste. For example, summer colors range from a beautiful bright aqua to a sweet pastel yellow. There is so much to be done with color that can make your wedding beautiful while making the season as prominent or subtle as you’d like.

Dazzling Seasonal Wedding Décor

Even if the season is not your main theme, you can still incorporate it into your decorations. You can incorporate winter into your wedding without putting up a big Christmas tree or hanging snowflakes from the ceiling. It is easy to find little bits and pieces of the season to incorporate into your décor. As an alternative to more obvious winter motifs, you can use small evergreen branches or some holly as part of your centerpieces.

You can also add white glitter along the isle to mimic snow. Flowers are another terrific way to pop the season into your wedding. They can bring colors that remind people of the season without going too bold. There are so many ways to bring your season into your décor, you just need to find what fits you and your wedding best.

Viable Venues

A fantastic way to bring the season into your wedding without doing much at all is finding a venue that helps the season stand out. A waterfront building with lots of windows would be beautiful for summer, but a brick building with a fireplace is perfect for winter. If the venue you choose already reminds you of your season, there is not much more you would need to do on that front. Of course, you can still choose to add all the bells and whistles, but the room itself can provide a lot toward the vibe of the day.

Fascinating Favors

Giving out seasonal favors is another fun way to incorporate your season into your wedding. Whether it is a subtle mug for hot chocolate on a frosty winter morning or a bold pot of flowers for spring, favors are a lovely way to bring the season into your wedding. It’s something that guests will find adorable but will not distract you or your guests from the true theme of your wedding.

Another clever idea is having smaller favors to give out at the reception to party with. These gifts can be as fun and cheesy as you want. Try envisioning beachballs for summer, flower-shaped fans for spring, pumpkin stress balls for fall, and Santa hats for winter. Your guests are sure to have fun and your season will be right there with you the whole night without being too overwhelming.

Year-Round Weddings – Choose Your Favorite Season

No matter how or if you decide to incorporate your season into your wedding, the wedding experts at Knowles Hospitality are very capable of taking care of whatever you may need. They can surely make your wedding dreams come true, seasonal, or otherwise! Connect with the Knowles Hospitality wedding planning team by dialing (718) 698-4433 today.

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