How To Plan A Post-Wedding Brunch

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Post Wedding BrunchThe morning following your wedding is the ideal time for you and your guests to recuperate and refuel. A post-wedding brunch is an ideal way to bring close family and friends together again but in a quieter and more intimate setting, while happily sharing stories from your wedding day over warm, syrupy pancakes and mimosas. Today, post-wedding brunches are a popular trend to conclude a wedding. The wedding planners at The Manor dish out how you can plan the perfect post-wedding brunch.

Inviting Guests To Your Post-Wedding Brunch

Most couples limit the number of guests they invite to brunch. One simple way you can do so is by restricting your guest list to those staying in the hotel from the night before. You can extend the invitation a number of different way like attaching brunch invitation cards to the hotel welcome gifts, hanging them on guest room doorknobs the night prior, or if you choose to invite all wedding guests, you can indicate as much in the wedding invitation suite. However, do not expect RSVPs for a post-wedding brunch.

A post-wedding brunch is usually a causal affair; the majority of your guests are less inclined to make a grand effort after a late night dancing in dress clothes. Take this into account when scheduling the time to eat. Ideally 9:30am to11:30am is an appropriate time frame to schedule brunch, so guests can sleep in, or alternately, have a quick meal before traveling back home.

The Best Breakfast Foods To Serve

Wedding planners recommend hosting your post-wedding brunch at the chosen hotel. A buffet style breakfast is an easy way to feed hungry guests and cater to everyone’s palettes. Furthermore, having a buffet eliminates guests waiting to be fed, and they can stroll in as they please. Your brunch menu should offer guests plenty of choices from continental style pastries, their choice of eggs or omelets, hot pancakes or French toast with syrup, to cold cereals and varies fresh fruits.

For a more intimate gathering, consider hosting your post-wedding brunch at home. If you choose this option, it’s best to offer universal dishes such as scrambled eggs with bacon, French toast with syrup, and various cereal and fresh fruits. To eliminate leftovers, consider serving decadent mini options of classic favorites such as mini quiches, muffins, chicken and waffles, bacon skewers and parfaits. As options at home tend to be limiting, you can create a cute and eye-pleasing presentation using fancy serving plates, tiers, and ceramic dishes for a variety of jams, fruits, whipped creams, and other breakfast toppings.

Post-Wedding Brunch: A Convenient Way To Celebrate

Hosting a post-wedding brunch allows for yet another occasion to wake up and share a delicious meal among close friends and family. Whether the wedding is miles away from home or right down the street, a post-wedding brunch is a wonderful gesture for traveling guests. Moreover, it creates another opportunity to mingle and share time with distant relatives and catch up with guests you may not have had much time to converse with during your wedding reception.

Hosting A Brunch On A Budget

As with any celebration, dining costs at a restaurant can add up between cost per plate, service charges, tip and alcohol if applicable. To keep costs low, consider offering platters over individual orders and cut costs omitting stations that require a server such as omelets or carving stations.

In regards to beverages, restrict the menu to coffee, tea, milk and juices, and eliminate the Mimosas and Bloody Marys. These are just a few simple tricks to keep your breakfast on a budget.

The Breakfast of Champions

A post-wedding brunch is something everyone can look forward to. Who doesn’t enjoy breakfast? The most memorable brunches are intimate, casual and low-key. But most of all, brunches complete a wedding weekend where you can cherish the memories and thank everyone for making your big day truly magical. Are you planning a wedding? Contact The Manor, a top New Jersey wedding venue near you today!

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