The Top Bat Mitzvah Themes for 2015

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The Top Bat Mitzvah Themes for 2015Our venue has been home to some of the most lavish bat mitzvahs in New Jersey, each filled with sensational décor, a sumptuous menu, exciting entertainment, and of course a bat mitzvah theme that guests young and old enjoy to the fullest. At such a momentous occasion as a girl’s bat mitzvah, every detail has to be perfect, all stemming from the theme the bat mitzvah girl selects.

The theme of a bat mitzvah reflects in every element of the celebration, from the décor to the menu to the music, drinks and bat mitzvah favors, and bat mitzvahs in New Jersey stand out for their elaborate detailing and emphasis on enjoyment for guests of all ages. To help your child in her search for the perfect bat mitzvah theme, here is a list of the most popular bat mitzvah themes for 2015:

  • New York City. Since we’re so close to New York City here in Northern New Jersey, bat mitzvahs have embraced the elegance of Tiffany & Co with that signature blue color and all things bling. It’s not just Tiffany, though, for the New York City-themed bat mitzvah. Those that take place in the winter are also in a Rockefeller Center theme, complete with ice skating décor items and details. And there is also Central Park as a theme, especially in fall with autumn leaves and perhaps even a horse-drawn carriage arrival for the bat mitzvah girl.
  • Fantasy. A Hunger Games/ Catching Fire themed bat mitzvah has the bat mitzvah girl and her closest friends dressed up in Katniss-style outfits, with crossbows playing into the décor details. Perhaps not real crossbows, but food and desserts designed with that motif. Other top fantasy themes for bat mitzvahs include Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.
  • Old Hollywood. Think Marilyn Monroe, The Rat Pack, red carpets and champagne for this top bat mitzvah trend that’s all about glam and Oscar statuettes.
  • Pop Star. It’s the bat mitzvah girl who is the rock star for this themed party, with bright colors and special lighting effects, a song performance, dancers and ‘paparazzi’ at the entrance. Or, the bat mitzvah theme can center on the bat mitzvah girl’s favorite band like One Direction, with the band’s songs featured during the dancing hours and guest tables named after the band members and their song titles.
  • Candyland. This top trend bat mitzvah theme is all about the sweet stuff, a long candy buffet, bright colors, a wonderland made of props resembling oversized candy. Personalized chocolate bars may be a part of the candy buffet in your ballroom venue, or may be take-home favors.
  • Brazil Carnival. With the 2016 Olympics on the way, Brazil is on everyone’s minds, and here in New Jersey, bat mitzvahs take on a worldly theme with this nation’s colors and festivities standing out for the party.Samba musicians and dancers are often featured, and guests may take dancing lessons from the performers.
  • Camp. This is a bat mitzvah theme that’s growing in popularity, coming to teen parties by way of the new top wedding themes and weddings seen on the top wedding blogs. If the bat mitzvah girl loves the summer camp she always goes to – or perhaps she wishes she could go to one of the best summer camps in New Jersey – the party can be themed in a glam camping style. That means long wood tables with great fabrics, a menu including barbecue catering items in fine gourmet style, props like archery bows and quivers, lanterns for décor, wooden canoes used to hold soft drinks for the kids or drinks for the adults, ‘care packages’ with fresh baked brownies as bat mitzvah favors, and anything camp-inspired that the bat mitzvah girl has loved about her camp experience,
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