Top Bridesmaid Dress Trends Dominating 2019

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Bridesmaid Dress TrendsYour friends agreed to be your bridesmaids for your wedding, now all they need is their dresses for the occasion. There are so many dresses to choose from, but so little time to choose. Many brides tend to choose their bridesmaids’ dresses based on what appears fashionable or trendy during that particular time, but many trends come and go so quickly that it can be difficult for brides to think of an idea. Don’t fear because bridesmaid dress trends are to die for this coming year.

Living Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

You want your girl crew to look fabulous on your wedding day, so selecting a color that flatters every girl’s figure is a critical part of bridesmaid dress shopping. After all, some gals look better in red or blue than yellow or green. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your choices down to one color, then why not choose Pantone’s color of the year – Living Coral. This shade is both affable and animating whose golden undertone gives it a much softer edge. This color is popping up in bridal parties from all over, so definitely keep this color on your radar as you browse through dress boutiques.

Princess Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

For gals seeking the royal treatment, try on an adorable princess blue bridesmaid dress. This majestic royal blue hue will leave guests awe-struck as your besties glisten and gleam throughout all of the wedding festivities. If you’re planning a nautical-themed wedding – a popular wedding choice during the sweltering summer months – your bridal party will instantly remind your guests of cool breezes and breathtaking oceans.

Tea Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Tea length dresses can give your bridesmaids an effortlessly vintage look, thereby creating an unforgettable silhouette. More importantly, this type of bridesmaid dress increases your BFF’s mobility, reducing their chances of tripping over their heels during the ceremony and reception.

Wrap Style Bridesmaid Dresses

This dress style is a more “non-traditional” form of a bridesmaid dress; but when used correctly, a wrap style bridesmaid dress can do wonders for your bridal party. Having one leg slightly pointing out can give your bridesmaids more legroom when it comes to standing during the ceremony or dancing the night away at the reception. Your bridesmaids will thank you for a dress that is both trendy and flexible.

One-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

Often considered a “non-traditional” option, this dress will still look absolutely amazing on your bridesmaids. Both elegant and figure flattering for all body types, a one-shoulder dress will grant your bridesmaids’ shoulders more room to breathe as they break a sweat dancing.

Halter Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

This dress style is all the rage around prom season, so why not try it for wedding season? It may be a little bit tight around the neck for some of your bridesmaids at first, but – with the proper care and accommodations – these dresses will look stunning around your bridesmaids’ necks.

Say “YES” To The Bridesmaid Dress

With these picks, getting bridesmaid dresses will be a breeze and will take much less time for both you and your bridesmaids. For more information about wedding planning and dress planning, contact us at (973) 731-2360.

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