Creative Ways to Ask Your Bestie to Be Your Bridesmaid

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BFF BridesmaidsCouples have been getting more creative with their marriage proposals in recent years, and the same has gone for bridesmaid proposals. Once a woman is proposed to, the next big thing on their mind is how they can get creative with their bridesmaid proposals. To get you started, here are a few creative ways to ask your bestie to be your bridesmaid.

Throw a Wine Night With Your Besties

Is there anything better than a wine night with your best friends? An amazing way to blow the cork off your average wine night is with a bridesmaid proposal, of course. You are bound to surprise your besties this way. All they are expecting a casual drink with friends, but popping the question here will create a lasting, special memory for everyone invited.

Break Open a Fortune Cookie

Surprising your friends is always the best way to propose, so leave them speechless with a custom fortune cookie.  Trying to get the message in the fortune cookie may be a hassle, but it can be easy by handing out custom-made sweets to your best friends when it’s time for dessert. Delicious treats, best friends, and bridesmaid proposals, what’s better than that?

Set Up a Coffee Date

Bridesmaid proposals don’t have to be over-the-top nights out or fancy dinner parties. They can also be something simple like an afternoon coffee date. Everyone appreciates a nice coffee date with friends, but you can make this date one they will never forget. Ask your barista to put the question on each of their cups, and watch their faces burst with surprise once they get their drinks.

Pack a Gift Box

Gift boxes may seem a little cliché, but you can make them special by personalizing them. Create a box for each one of your friends, tailored to their interests and hobbies.  When they see all of the thought and effort you put into their specific box they’ll be awestruck. On top of that, once they find their notes that pop the question, they’ll be overwhelmed with happiness.

Present a Picture Frame

There is nothing more personal to friends than a picture of you together. When you present them a picture frame with the special question, not only will you leave your friends crying tears of joy, but they will also use that frame as a way to remember how amazing of a friend you are. Personalizing each frame with your favorite picture of the two of you will make the frame an invaluable gift.  Your bestie will cherish it for years to come.

Say It With Balloons

Every girl loves balloons, so asking your besties to be your bridesmaids with balloons is a perfect idea. You can write the word “BRIDESMAID?” on eleven balloons with one letter per balloon, including the question mark.  You can also buy letter-shaped balloons and spell it out that way. You would have to keep your friends away from your house in order to do so, so take your friends out for a couple of hours before it’s time to pop the question. With a little setup help from your family, when your friends get back to your house, they’ll be bursting with joy.

Fill a Tote with All Their Favorite Things

Much like the gift box, giving your friends a personalized tote can make the moment feel more special to them. You can share your love with all your friends by giving each of them a tote bag filled with soaps, lotions, notebooks, and other things they love to use daily so that they remember this special day for a long time.

Set a Tea Time

Casual dates like coffee or brunch are great and inexpensive, but for a couple of extra dollars, you can spice up the experience even more. Tea time is a slightly more expensive and sophisticated option, but something as big as a bridesmaids proposal can make the date worth your friends’ money in the end. A fancy tea date with your friends will not only be memorable but popping the question inside each teacup will surprise them leaving them even happier than before.

Say it With a T-Shirt

Asking your bestie to be your bridesmaid doesn’t have to be expensive. Something as simple as a t-shirt can make your friends say yes. All you need is a couple of t-shirts and some decorative puffy paint, and you’re all set.  T-shirts with the word “bridesmaid” on each of them (and “bride” on yours) can make for a really special moment with your friends.

With these ideas in mind, you can wow your gal pals when asking them to be your bridesmaid and even give them more. For more information about weddings and planning, visit or contact us at (973) 371-2360.

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