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Guide To Wedding RegistriesCreating a bridal registry is as much a service to wedding guests as it is a treat for the bride and groom. The people whom you choose to invite to your wedding will only want to give you essential items for your future together. If you are newly engaged, planning a bridal shower, or looking for the latest wedding trends, wedding planners at The Manor share exclusive tips to help brides and their families search, sort, and find the best shower items for your wedding registry.

Wedding Registry Mistakes To Avoid

Every couple looks forward to zipping through the aisles at Macy’s and Bed Bath and Beyond to scan their favorite items onto their wedding registry. But before the fun begins, it’s best to strategize your bridal registry. Ask yourself, “Will we use this”, “Do we need this”, or “Does it cost a fortune”, doing so can halt useless impulse items from racking up a ridiculous list. Keep this gift registry etiquette in the forefront of your mind. Also, ask about registry ‘completion programs,’ which offer couples 10% or 15% discounts on the gifts that remain on your list after the wedding.

Vow To Avoid Under Registering

Some couples limit their wedding registry. But this can be counterproductive because it prevents the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. from receiving everything they’ll need to set up their home sweet home. Also, under registering opens up potential problems for your guests. Specifically, there may not be enough present options within their price point. Thus, most expert wedding planners recommend registering more items than you actually need. For instance, Real Simple suggests having one item for each wedding guest. So if you invite 100 people, consider listing 100 gift items. Keep in mind, guests are aware the bride and groom will not receive every single item on their entire list.

Vow To Diversify Your Price Range

Be sure to build your list with an abundance of gifts in varying price ranges: under $35, $50 to $100, and $100 and up price range. Doing so allows groups of guests to pool their money together for big-ticket items. Meanwhile, couples can add smaller add-on items that allow guests to team up and include a larger gift such as a kitchen mixer complete with a cookbook along with mixing bowls and utensils.

Vow To Include Gift Cards

While many brides may view this gift as a cop out, many wedding planners see gift cards as an invaluable present. Including gift cards on your registry whether 10- $50 gift cards or 5- $100 gift cards grants you more time and wiggle room to determine what you may need in the future. Bridal showers can become slightly overwhelming and you may forget essential items that you’ll need to buy after the wedding. You’ll find yourself thankful for gift cards because you can circumvent putting out any expenses for essential household items.

Vow To Use The Correct Delivery Address

While this may seem mundane, its more important than many believe! If you live in an apartment, valuable gifts can sometimes get delivered and placed in your entryway or lobby. If no doorman is able to take them in for you, it may behoove you to have all your wedding gifts delivered to an actual home such as your parents’ house where they will not be subject to possible theft or terrible weather.

Furthermore, you can ensure communication is crystal clear by including the address on both your bridal shower invitation as well as a link on your personal wedding website.

Top 5 Wedding Registry Trends

New bridal registry trends suggest you do not have to register to one particular department store. This can make a world of difference in your wants and needs to start their life together. Whether upgrading sheets to putting the latest tech trend on their list, here are a few registry ideas to consider:

  • Did you know that some brides create two to three different registries? Look into creating a honeymoon registry that encompasses the couple’s hobbies. Couples can register to help a charity, register at a sporting goods store, winery, or any other type of wedding gift list or honeymoon registry. Are you contemplating a home remodel? If so, a home improvement store registry to Lowe’s or The Home Depot, can help couples redecorate or remodel their home, and guests will feel happy they could help.
  • Upgrade household items to top of the line culinary saucepans and carving knives, and high thread-count sheets are a good idea for your wedding wish list. This is a couple’s opportunity to register for the newest and best quality items on the market.
  • Don’t forget to register for all seasons! When you’re adding sheets and bedding sets to your wedding registry list, remember to register for lightweight fabrics that will be most comfortable during the spring and summer, as well as for heavier fabrics, blankets and throws for the cooler fall and winter months. Similarly, you can register for printed dishtowels or bathroom décor in various holiday-themes.
  • For the latest gadgets why not add these fun high tech toys to a registry? Pick from Energy-Star™ kitchen appliances, GPS systems, sound systems, security systems, high-end coffee makers, projectors, IPads and other electronics that make a home more comfortable and energy-efficient.
  • Couples that enjoy entertaining can add various items to help host dinner parties that best show off their gourmet cuisine. Considering registering for serving platters, barware, glassware, wine decanters, sangria pitchers and other entertaining pieces.

Step Outside Traditional With Unique Wedding Registries

Couples now create other, more unique registries that go way beyond the traditional home décor and kitchen registry. With so many unique registries out there, couples can explore all their options. Wedding guests say they appreciate finding multiple types of registries that offer them a wide range of options to make for unforgettable gifts or experiences that you will remember forever.

A honeymoon registry allows guests to give couples something to enjoy such as a private sunset dinner cruise or a couple’s massage on the beach. Adventurous duos can register to swim with dolphins or zip line above an exotic rainforest. Guests can opt to give you a ‘share’ of your honeymoon suite such as booking the hotel or plane fare, to make your trip possible. Also a gift card option to your honeymoon resort, allows couples to spend gift money any way they wish.

If you’re in involved in charities, consider designating your favorite charity or charities for guests to contribute to as a heartwarming wedding gift. Common donation recipients include health organizations, animal shelters, and education. Having a charitable registry among your two or three established wedding registries gives guests their choice of giving you a traditional or unique gift.

Couples with a penchant for sports or an active lifestyle can sign onto active and adventure lifestyle gift lists at specialty stores. This is ideal for couples that enjoy mountain biking, kayaking, camping and need various items to do so such as GPS systems and equipment.

A wine registry is perfect for couples wishing to expand their wine collection or install a wine cellar into their home. Simply find a local wine merchant or wine connoisseur website to register with is a top trend.

How To Set Up Your Wedding Registry

Planning your wedding registry is an exciting part of wedding planning! By remembering to select an over abundance of gifts, and making sure there are affordable options, guests will enjoy shopping for the bride-to-be. Contact the Manor’s wedding planners to see how New Jersey’s top wedding venue can help you plan your upcoming dream wedding!

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