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Wedding PhotographyPhotographs from a wedding day will be a timeless memento of the special occasion. Many couples want to include the classic and cliché wedding shots, while also incorporating some cutting-edge trends to help their photos stand out. The wedding planners at The Manor have put together some trendy ideas for capturing the special day in a unique way.

Guest Table Cameras

A popular way to capture the entirety of a wedding celebration is by including cameras on wedding reception tables for guests to use. Allowing guests the opportunity to capture their own table moments allows couples to feel included in missed moments. While couples are busy having portraits taken or mingling with family, guests can use their table cameras to get a shot of the kids playing or capture a great-grandma meeting a guests baby for the first time. These table cameras are also an easy way to entertain some of the younger wedding guests. Giving children the chance to play with a camera can keep them happily occupied and avoid any tantrums. Plus, kids often take some hilarious shots that couples cherish.

Extra wedding cameras let couples capture every element of the wedding. Plus, when all of the professionals leave, guests can still capture memorable moments with friends and family long into the night.

Mess The Dress Photos

A rising trend in wedding photography is shots of the bride destroying her dress. When this trend began, many were shocked that a bride would subject her gown to such elements, but it is now seen as fun and artistic. Some brides slide down muddy hills or smash a chocolate wedding cake against the fabric, but a rising trend is to arrange for an artistic mess. This fashion-magazine inspired trend has recently been taken to new levels. For example, many brides paint their wedding dresses. New York City bridal gown designers have even opened their fashion shows with artists painting bridal gowns with watercolors, so brides are quite inspired to do the same with watercolor flowers and designs painted onto their dress’s skirt.

Some brides opt for the natural mess the dress styles, like standing ankle-deep in the ocean or rolling in the sand. Fall brides playing in a pile of leaves can create a colorful photo that may be displayed in the couple’s home. Or, many brides enjoy farm inspired shots in an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, or even on horseback.

Finally, keep in mind that many brides purchase second, inexpensive wedding dresses to be used for “mess the dress” photos. Local trunk sales, online auctions or thrift stores can be great places to look. This way, brides do not need to worry about destroying a memory for an artsy and messy shot. These photos no longer raise eyebrows when they are styled fashionably. Many brides create flipbooks of the entire mess the dress experience, which become equally as keepsake-worthy as their official wedding day photos.

Photographing The Wedding Menu

One of the best elements of a wedding is its delicious catering. From delectable cocktail hors-d’oeuvres, elegant reception dishes, and mouthwatering desserts, wedding chefs go to great lengths to create works of art in their wedding menus. It is not uncommon for wedding menus to feature fabulous accent details that are so aesthetically pleasing guests are sometimes hesitant to dig in. When food looks as delicious as it tastes, it is no wonder that photographing the menu is a rising wedding trend. As guests enjoy dancing or mingling, professional photographers move through the cocktail party room and snap HD close-up photos of the buffet items, capturing the most sensory elements of the party and reception. Then, long after the ceremony when everything has been enjoyed, the couple can relive their feast through magazine cover worthy images of the gourmet fare, even capturing details that couples and guests may not have noticed fully during the swirl of the wedding celebration. The beautiful platters and food displays that were meticulously chosen and created are now immortalized. It is common for photographers to capture the wedding cake and its details, but if the bride and groom are foodies, then it is recommended to instruct the photographer to capture the entire wedding menu- from the monogram-shaped swirls of sauces on dessert plates to the champagne glasses at the bar.

Outdoor Photos

Outdoor photos can be wonderfully romantic, and a rising trend is for couples to endure whatever the weather may bring. A bit of rain or snow doesn’t stop couples from taking their outdoor photos at the ceremony. Rain and grey skies can actually provide very dramatic photographs that a clear day can’t match. When rain begins to fall, it can be a fun activity for couples to splash around with the photographer. Don’t be afraid to get wet, just embrace the rain and focus on your partner to achieve the best shots – pretend you’re in The Notebook! If the wedding is in the winter, snowy photos can be a great way to capture the romance of winter.

Be sure to talk to the wedding photographer beforehand if embracing the elements is in the plan. Be sure to mention any weather or season related issues that he or she needs to be ready for and prepare proper equipment for. If there are heavy wind conditions in the forecast, remember to bring extra bobby pins or hair clips to keep long hair in place. It is also recommended to inquire with the venue about any outdoor spots that are scenic while also providing shelter from the elements.

Capturing The Picturesque Location

When capturing the wedding, many photographers focus on the couple and the wedding guests, but neglect to capture the venue. Photos of the wedding gardens or banquet hall’s architectural details can convey a sense of place and capture the full scene of the event. Wedding locations are chosen for their beauty and detail, so the photographer should capture these to help immortalize the wedding day. Photos of the door or inviting servers with trays of champagne can capture the entryway and beginning of the wedding. Capturing the ceremony site fully decorated and before any guests arrive can create a scenic “before it all begins” photo. Capturing the pre-reception ballroom can create the same effect. Elevated views of the reception banquet room can capture the room’s architecture and guests dancing from a new and exciting angle. Panoramic shots can be utilized to capture wedding garden grounds, or for shots of the front of the property and across the lawns. Our NJ wedding venue has some brilliant architecture worth photographing, such as our cathedral ceiling, arches, and chandeliers or our elaborate outdoor gardens. For more information, contact the wedding experts at The Manor today.

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