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Best of Wedding GiftsThe amount of gifts you receive on your wedding is most likely totaled to be the most amount of gifts you will receive in your entire life. To better help you plan accordingly to ensure you receive what you expected on your wedding registry, we’ve gathered our most popular wedding gift-related blogs, carefully wrapped them all up, and tied them in a nice big bow, to give you, our Manor blog readers, our Best of Wedding Gifts.

Categorize Your Gifts For Best Results

Registering for wedding gifts is now easier than ever as couples average two to three wedding registries as a matter of preference and necessity. The most popular categories are Kitchen and Entertaining, Home and Bedding and Home Projects to name a few. A new feature is signing onto a registry site that includes multiple stores such as and GiftRegistry360, which merges and synchs existing accounts, to make gift selecting a cinch.

In The Know

Bridal Registry Trends now include registering for the latest must-have technology products. Electronics like energy efficient appliances, security systems and home theater gadgets, all will make tinkering around your home more comfortable and current as a newlywed couple. Keep in mind to register items for all seasons, such as light sheets and throws for summer and heavier material linens for winter. Brides can be on the lookout for “completion programs”, which are discounts from 10-15% off on items not purchased before your shower, engagement party or wedding.

Take the Best Path, Not the Wrong Path

Wedding Registry Mistakes To Avoid. This entry is essential for everyone involved in the wedding, by correctly interrupting the brides dream wish list or by the bride adjusting her current list. Always think big! Avoid making a short list; instead, expand your list with a variety of items on it. Learn also why it’s a good idea to expand your gift price range. Don’t worry, you won’t look greedy! Remember to include a location where it’s best for gifts of all sizes to be delivered like your parent’s house, instead of a tiny apartment lobby. Read on to learn how to avoid gifting misery and mishaps.

Prep for the Honeymoon

Gifts for The Honeymoon are ideal to put on your wedding registry especially if you are established and own most of the traditional items. A great idea for a group gift is upgrading luggage to a nice set. What about gift certificates to the booked honeymoon resort or gift cards to shop for vacation clothes? For travel gifts or gifts to enjoy for a hotel stay, keep reading!

The Best Ones Are Different

Unique Wedding Registries are often combined with traditional registries to create something fun or meaningful for each couple. Maybe the family is part of an organization, volunteers at a local shelter or involved in other charities. Talk about a heartwarming idea to raise awareness! A glass of vino could go a long way for wine enthusiasts, why not create a wine registry from a local merchant or website? An experience registry is a fun cool way to help create lasting memories such as horseback riding lessons, skydiving, a personal chef romantic meal and more!

Get Ready to Feast With Your Registry

Wedding Gift Registries Gone Gourmet is a go-to guide perfect for couples that enjoy the finer things when dining, cooking or baking in their joint nest. For couples who want their kitchen stocked, their registry lists include top of the line appliances like Panini makers and vegetable steamers, cookware, bake ware, and sets like dessert display stands, and vegetable steamers from luxury retailers. Read more to cook up some grade-A gift ideas!

The Best for the Decorator in You

Wedding Décor- Gift Table Trends includes innovative ways to display all the gifts you so graciously requested on your wedding registry. By adding a table runner or decorating the front edge of the table, this will enhance your wedding gift holder centerpiece. This centerpiece can be a traditional box, or you can opt for a fun birdcage, suitcase or whimsical display object. Forget about arranging the presents- that is part of the unique display.

The Best Thank-yous

Proper Etiquette for When to Send Out Your Wedding Thank You Notes is essential to read, because it is customary to express gratitude for each gift with a personalized note. Be sure to send out a timely message for best results, as guests are expecting to hear from you upon return from your wonderful honeymoon. Top wedding experts suggest notes should be written within three months of your wedding day, while others suggest sooner. It’s best to think of this process as part of your wedding planning. But wait, what about attaching wedding photos? Well, you’ll have to read more to get your Teleios 2017 streaming

The goal of a wedding registry is to list enough places and items so guests with varying budgets, can each choose an appropriate gift that speaks to them, to give to you- the happy couple. Our wedding planners are ready to plan a wonderful wedding and dress your gift table-a gift in itself.

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