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Bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding. From your engagement, dress shopping, and your bridal shower, all the way down the aisle to the moment you say, “I do,” your best gals are there through and through. The wedding planners at The Manor have gathered the best bridal party gifts for bridal parties of all sizes. Whether you choose one perfect gift or include a few smaller options, these gift ideas truly show sincere appreciation and thoughtfulness. Here are our top picks to ensure you will have the ideal gift for each bridesmaid the night of your rehearsal dinner.

“Experience” Gifts

If you have not considered gifting your bridal party something they can enjoy and remember, now is the time to brainstorm “experience” gifts that pertain to your unique set of bridesmaids. Bridal party gifts that consist of experiences rather than material items are greatly valued and remembered. You can choose to give any of the options below as a gift for each person to enjoy on their own, or you can make any of this brilliant ideas part of your bachelorette party, spending quality time together. Opting to incorporate their gift into your bachelorette party will have your girlfriends thanking you in advance; relieving an expense of any of their bridesmaid’s duties is always a good idea. Whether your group are best friends and share a common interest, or your bridal party consists of a mix of friends and future–in-laws, these ideas will surely give them a fun “experience”.

  • Plan a ski trip
  • Tickets to a Broadway play, dinner theater, comedy show
  • Concert or sporting event
  • Dance class
  • Painting or pottery class
  • Wine-making class
  • Year magazine subscription

Pampering Gifts

Every girl loves to be pampered, so why not spoil your bridal party? If your group of gals love the royal treatment, then this option is for you! Making them feel like a queen for a day will show them appreciation. Consider these ideas to give your bridal party the pampering they deserve and some gifts they can even use while getting ready on wedding day!

  • Silk pajamas or personalized robe
  • Gift certificate to their favorite local clothing boutique
  • Designer makeup bag
  • Spa day- facial, massage, pedicures
  • Hair/makeup at a local salon, or opt to cover 1 service for them for your wedding day!

Personalized Gifts

Providing gifts is one thing, but going the extra mile to have them customized with each bridesmaid’s name or monogram expresses extra consideration and thoughtfulness. Consider which option makes the most sense for your bridal party, engraving, monogramming, first name, or nickname. For example if you have a group of childhood friends, don’t be shy to personalize using their nicknames. Also, if one of your bridesmaids is set to marry, a monogram may not be the best option for another bride-to-be. Aside from a name, you can also engrave or frame a favorite quote that best represents the individual, or even a lyric from a memorable song. D.I.Y. gifts are also a fun and easy way to create a keepsake for your bridesmaid. Personalization can also be reflected in bridesmaid’s favorite colors of your wedding colors. Here are some gift options:

  • Engraved jewelry
  • Hand-painted vase or wine glass personalized with favorite colors
  • A hand made knitted scarf
  • Hand-made photo album or scrapbook
  • Monogrammed tote bag or journal

Hobby Gifts

Depending on what each bridesmaid enjoys doing in her spare time, get her a gift that shows her how much you truly know her. Here are some clever gift ideas to ensure your gift best represents and supports her favorite hobby:

  • Fit Chick- workout gear, headphones, buy sessions of her favorite class
  • Artsy- camera features, art supplies
  • Jet Setter- travel bag or suitcase, headphones, portable chargers
  • Outdoorsy- gardening tools, ski gear, aquatic gear, hiking gear
  • Foodie- cookbook of favorite cuisine, bake ware, kitchen accessories, Panini maker
  • Coffee lover- French press, mug with specialty coffee
  • Techie- portable charger, keyboard case, laptop case, power wallet

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

As a supportive future wife, your future husband will turn to you for advice. Select the best token of gratitude that is unique to the groom and groomsmen’s special bond. Why not help him out with clever ideas for his Groomsmen? Whether your fiancé’s group of friends is refined, techie, or party animals, these gift ideas can be practical, reflect an inside joke amongst the group, or get the wedding celebration started. Here are our suggestions for the perfect groomsmen gift:

  • Customized leather flask, bottle opener, beer mug, snifter glass *Don’t forget the bottle of liquor or rolled cigars
  • Monogrammed groomsmen socks with childhood nickname
  • Personalized cufflinks with favorite sports team logo
  • Monogrammed money clip
  • A trending tech must-have item

Finding the Right Gift

Wedding experts suggest shopping for gifts 1-2 months prior to the wedding. When selecting gifts, treat each gift selection with the same amount of thought you would apply for one bridesmaid as you would for eight. Be sure to browse through the various online and in-store options to choose the gifts that best represent the bridal party’s interests. Also, if you don’t wish to splurge on one expensive gift, consider creating a gift basket or bridal/grooms box with various small items. The Manor’s wedding planners can find the perfect personalized gifts to show gratitude to the special girls that have helped you plan your wedding day.

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