Love is love, and love is special. Every one of our couples’ events and needs are unique and we embrace the opportunity to customize their celebrations to suit who they are. We’ve had a great deal of experience hosting weddings and celebrations for many individuals, whether they fit a category or not. Below are just a few of the wedding categories for which we’ve received accolades:

Jewish Wedding Venue
Indian Wedding Venue
Same-Sex Wedding Venue
Asian Wedding Venue
Outdoor Wedding Venue
Luxury Wedding Venue
Top Wedding & Special Events Venue
New Jersey’s Best Luxury Wedding Venue
The Top Wedding & Special Events Venue in New Jersey
Best Corporate Event Venue in New Jersey
Multi-Day & Traditional Indian Wedding Venue in New Jersey
The #1 Outdoor Wedding Venue in New Jersey
Luxury Asian Wedding Venue
LGBTQ+ Wedding Venue
Multi-Day & Traditional Indian Wedding Venue in New Jersey

With the expansive park surroundings, a dedicated outdoor ceremony area with the skyline as a backdrop, and a distinctive ambiance, weddings and receptions at Pleasantdale Chateau create magical moments. Bar & bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, and all of life’s most important celebrations are made special. Pleasantdale Chateau also has extensive experience hosting weddings and events that hold great cultural and religious significance, working closely with our clients to fulfill their specific requirements and traditions.